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November date for performing arts festival

15 September 2021

THE 46th annual Banbridge Performing Arts Festival is all set to go ahead in November. 

After having to cancel last year’s festival due to Covid concerns, the committee have met and decided to proceed with the 46th festival on Monday 22nd November to Friday 26th November 2021 in the Belmont Hotel. 

This date is later than normal to give schools and speech teachers a little more time to prepare. Officials know just how much pressure schools are under at the moment!

The last festival (the 45th) in November 2019 attracted approximately 1,700 performers of all ages and the committee will have preparations in place at the festival in the Belmont Hotel to keep everyone safe.

There are 108 classes to be entered which means there is something for all age groups, some of which help deliver the curriculum in a practical manner as well as giving children three different stages on which to display their talents and even more importantly improve their confidence!

There are classes which help children of all ages improve their reading, speaking and listening skills - prepared reading classes, story telling classes, TV newsreader classes, a whole range of poetry classes as well as a nursery rhyme class for the preschool kids and many more. The current syllabus is available from Hon. Sec. Mrs Patricia Mulligan (contact details below).

This year for the first time a new class has been introduced which can be prepared in the normal classroom situation. The ‘Show and talk’ class in which the performer brings an item e.g. a photo, a toy, a book etc and talks about it. In the past few years the festival has been getting increased entries from the special needs sector either from a special needs school or from a class… the festival is all-inclusive.

The closing date for entries will be 29th October 2021, in time to give the secretary sufficient time to plan a timetable for all 108 classes over three rooms, over three sessions each day and for three professional adjudicators and more importantly to be able to send out a provisional timetable to all the schools and teachers two weeks before the festival informing them when the various classes will take place. 

There are numerous medals and certificates to be won as well as 128 cups and trophies and almost £1000 in bursaries. 

Entry fees £2 (!! Years and under); £2.50 (12 years and over) and groups £5; Anyone requiring additional information please contact the Hon. Sec. Patricia Mulligan  on 028 496 23748 or email on [email protected] or visit the festival’s Facebook page. 

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