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15 September 2021

THE doting mum of a four-year-old boy with Down Syndrome is beaming with pride that he has just started mainstream education – so much so that she has written a beautiful letter to praise him. 

Caroline Harrison and her husband Stephen, from Summerhill, Banbridge, are the proud parents of four-year-old Tom and his wonderfully supportive big sister Holly (9). 

Last year, Tom attended All Saints Nursery, which was exciting in itself, however school is now starting in earnest for the young boy who has just joined his young classmates in P1 at St. Colman’s PS, Annaclone! 

Caroline said any apprehension that she might have had instantly dissipated when Tom joined P1: “He can’t wait to go to school every day! He has a classroom assistant helping him, Alicia Lynch, and she’s fantastic. 

“Holly is now in P6 in the same school, and she is an amazing big sister. 

“I think we need to hear more positive stories to do with children with Down Syndrome, because I was very frightened at first.”

Here is the beautiful letter which Caroline wrote as a tribute to her beloved son: 


“Dear Tom,


“So this is what I wanted, for you, for Holly, for us… but only if it was right, if you were capable, if you were ready… and you so are my darling. 

“Thanks to your courage, your persistence, (your stubbornness!), your enthusiasm, and that winning smile/hug combo that seriously challenges my attempts at discipline!

And my heart no longer breaks for you… instead it soars, not only with pride from all you have already achieved, but with the joy that someone, somewhere, decided that we would be the family to share all this with you. 

“So go get ‘em my son… and never forget that we are the lucky ones. 



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